Player A

B: guy with black hat and suit and tie holding blue plaid umbrella

A: yep, I have him

B: lady and guy fighting with an umbrella, pink sweater and black sweater

A: I don't see any fighting in the umbrella pictures that I have.

A: A bunch of people with their backs facing the camera. One of them has an open pink umbrella

B: well they are trying to close the blue and white umbrella

B: no, I do not have that one

A: Still no to the blue and white umbrella scene

B: a guy in a suit with a red tie, looks like a bronze statue, holding black umbrella?

A: No.

B: ok, those are my three

A: A picture of one smiling woman waving to the camera smiling. She also an umbrella and clear poncho?

B: no

A: ok, those are all of mine. next page?

B: yup!

Player B