Player A

B: H**lo! I will do all mine first. :)

A: Ok :)

B: There is a woman with blonde hair putting a pizza into an oven

A: no

B: A man with his head cut off in a black shirt is standing at a grill

A: yes

B: A person in a baseball cap is in an industrial kitchen space in front of a large pot

A: yes

A: Does the blonde woman have a blue shirt?

A: For your pizza one?

B: I have a different blond in a long sleeved blue shirt and black apron and black cap

B: Different than the first one I mentioned

A: ok nevermind, just checking.

A: Woman with a green shirt putting something into an oven

B: Patterned apron and black hair?

A: no apron

B: Then nope.

A: okay i am finished

Player B