Player A

B: hi

A: h**lo

A: my first image is a woman in a blue top with a small birthday cake

A: sitting with a man in suspenders

B: I have a pic of a table with wines bottles and cups with a bowl of lemons and limes

B: I have the woman with the cake

A: I have the wine and lemons/limes

A: my last highlighted image is a picture of a dining room and kitchen

A: no people are present, a mircowave is visible along with a frdige

B: I have a woman with a black jacket sitting in front of a slice of pizza and a cup of coke

A: I do not have

B: is there a plant on the table?

A: I have that one, but it is not a highlighted image for me.

B: than I don't have the other one

A: ok submitting now

Player B