Player A

A: I have that same older man reading a book on a train

B: i'm on a different page now but I don't have an older man reading a book

B: i see a train parked at night at the train station

A: Are there any people in the picture with the train?

B: yes they seem to be walking towards the train

A: A man with grey hair in a short sleeve shirt? I have that one

B: yes

A: I have two men sitting next to each other, one is on a cell phone, the other is staring

B: i have 2 asian older men sitting with one on his cellphone

B: yes i have that too

A: Yep that is the one

A: Any others?

B: i have 2 men sitting in a train where one is napping and the other is looking out the window

A: I do not have that one

B: okay got it.

Player B