Player A

A: My three : 1) Man in suite with purple umbrlla behind him

B: I don't see that one

A: 2.) girl , seems to be shopping around, it day light and she has a poka dot umbrella

B: Do you have one with a woman with long black hair that has a polka dot umbrella?

B: Yeah that one

B: I have a woman in a transparent raincoat and a black umbrella

A: my last one i have is of the same women in a transparent raincoat, she is wearing black

A: yes :)

B: Cool we have that one now

A: done on my end

B: I have the pink paper umbrella one again.

B: It is shown from behind. Do you have that?

A: yes, they are facing away from the camera?

B: yeah and there is a lot of people

A: yes

B: Person with a green shirt on the left

A: yes

B: Okay that is all of mine

Player B