Player A

A: first image i have is a women in a rain coat smiling under and umbrella

B: What is she wearing?

A: a transparent raincoat, black shirt, the umbrella is black as well and she has her mouth open smile

B: I have one with a blue and red umbrella

B: I don't see that one

A: ok, i have one with blue and red but its a women drawing flowers on the top of the red one

B: I don't see that one either.

A: thats the only one i have with red and blue I dont think we have the same one

B: Do you have one with a guy wearing green and orange with a green and orange umbrella behind him.

A: yes

B: Does he have a fake looking black hat?

B: Or she I guess we can't tell

A: yes he/she looks like mad hatter

B: Do you have a photo of a little boy with short brown hair laying on some gra*s?

A: do you have one of a guy and women opening up a light blue and white umbrella

A: I dont have that one

B: I don't see that one either.

B: Do you have one with a pink paper looking umbrella seen from the back?

A: I do not

B: okay that is all of mine for this page

A: my last one i have is of a man in a suite and a purple umbrella

B: I don't have that one.

A: ok moving on

Player B