Player A

B: Hi Jordan

B: Do you have chocolate cake on a plate?

A: with powdered sugar on top and fruit?

B: no, Just a fork on the plate with a Godiva label in the background

A: no

B: Do you have the little boy in a striped shirt reaching for a large cake?

A: yes

A: man with camera photographing food?

B: I'm also looking for a chocolate cake with a knife and fork on the plate, with a dish of ice cream

B: no man with camera

A: the ise cream ia in a bowl with the cake?

A: ice cream and cake in same dish?

B: THe ice cream is in a seperate dish

A: no

B: I do not have the one with cake and ice cream in the same bowl

B: Do you have your 3?

A: yellow cake with cream inside and a brown teapot?

B: no teapot

A: that's the third

A: k

A: all set

A: ?


Player B