Player A

A: H**lo! Do you have picture of 3 boys playing soccer in green & black uniform?

B: hi do you have a lady in a dress with a umbrella

A: that I do not.

B: ok are the soccer players wearing yellow or green socks

A: How about 2 people in green vest with one holding up stop sign?

B: no did your soccer players have black yellow or green socks

A: Both. The yellow sock player in background

B: yes and the only construction picture i have is what looks to be line spraying

A: Is that the one with guy in orange vest?

B: in the bottom left corner yes

A: Great. Mine on a different position but I have construction picture too

A: Done with this page.

B: ok so hes on your page as well ?

A: Which one?

B: the construction man with what looks like a paint sprayer in the main focus

A: yes.

Player B