Player A

A: Tattooed guy with headband

B: No

A: Lady with black hat and black apron with blue shirt holding the tray with towel

B: Lady with blue shirt, black apron and hat holding tray with towel.

B: again

A: haha

A: Two ladies in kitchen with tiled countertop with lots of food on the counter

B: yes

B: Lady with apron taking something out of the oven.

A: Possibly, the lady i have, you cannot see her face, and there is a stainless steel pot on the stove

A: The pot has a wooden spoon sticking out

B: No Mine you can see her face. I don't have the one you have.

A: Ok, I do NOT have the smiling lady

B: Ready to proceed?

A: I am good to proceed

Player B