Player A

A: Do you have any photos for me to check?

B: First one is a brown teapot, piece of cake, and a teacup

A: I don't have that one

B: A man with a white beard taking a picture of a cake with little toy tractors on it.

A: I have it

B: Last one for me is a white cake sitting on a table. Spoon next to it.

A: I have a donut with powdered sugar on it on a plate with one strawberry, cooked squash, creamer

A: no white cake here

B: Don't have that one.

A: do you have the one piece of partially eaten cake on a plate with Godviva box in back of it

B: Nope

A: chocolate cake it is

A: ok

A: anything else?

B: No I'm good

A: good, thanks

Player B