Player A

B: Bowl decorated with a black cat?

A: no. i do have the hotdogs and fries on this page though.

B: DOnt have that one

B: What about a bowl of rice, a black bowl with chili(?), and a while plate separated to 3 parts?

A: i don't have that one.

B: Ok

A: what about the broccoli on the white plate?

B: What about a bowl that looks like an orange and another bowl with carrots and greens on the inside?

B: Yes or no?

A: no, but i do have a bowl of greens next to a gla*s

B: Dont have that one

A: ok. submitting the selection.

B: Anything else?

A: no

B: Ok

B: Cool. It was a pleasure. God bless and have a nice day!

Player B