Player A

B: I'm going from top left clockwise

A: i have a boy holding a red surfboard

B: Nope, I've got a full grown man holding a blue/green surfboard

B: so that's different

B: next one over I have some hot girl in a yellow bikini holding a white surfboard

B: third is a couple of kids in the water smiling. That's the end of my top row

A: i dont have that one

B: the second or third one?

A: i have a couple of kids smiling in the water

B: k

B: underneath the one you said had the boy with the red surfboard (so starting row #2)

B: I've got an asian-looking kid sitting on the beach with a green surfboard

A: i have a man standing on the beach holding a white and orange surfboard

B: ok

B: to the right of that, a girl sleeping on a surfboard that says 'Blue' on it

A: those are my three

B: k

B: third image is two guys with surfboards

A: that one is not in yellow highlight

B: ok

B: then just click submit

Player B