Player A

B: How's it going tonight?

A: Is it okay if one of us describes all 3 of ours first, then the other?

A: And it's alright enough! Thank you.

B: I have a couple FedEx vehicles parked on the street.

A: Not here.

B: I think we have to do them one at a time, according to the instructions/

A: You just describe one, then I say yes/no, then describe another, and so on.

B: Sure.

B: I have a guy in a green shirt and a guy with a red vest at the back of a truck

A: Makes it go smoother, and keeps the confusion to a minimum that way.

A: I have that one!

B: Ok me too.

B: Do you have a girl in a tan dress holding a black umbrella?

A: I do not.

B: Ok.

B: I have my three done.

A: I have an old, cla*sic blue pickup truck, with white-wall tires, and a tree behind it.

B: Ok I don't have that.

A: I also have a big white delivery van going through a traffic light.

B: Negative.

A: And I have a nice red fire truck in a field, near a tree, with another close to the camera.

B: Nope.

Player B