Player A

A: I have a kid holding a baseball glove with a red car behind him

B: Do you have a picture of two guys in the army holding up a stop sign?

B: Yes, I have the kid with the glove and red car

A: yes I have that one, they have green vests?

B: Yep, green vests

A: yea I have it

B: Do you have a white truck with lots of junk loaded in the bed and people in front of it?

A: I have one with a lady with red hair getting something from a pink truck

B: I don't have that one

A: can you describe yours more?

A: I don't think I have that one

B: White pickup loaded with junk in the bed. two firefighters in front of it.

A: nope

A: I have one with a Salvation Army truck and people looking into it

B: What about a salvation army truck and people.

B: Yep lol

A: ok anything else for you?

B: My last one is a guy and a girl on the side of the road. Looks like some sort of red/white truck

A: im good on my end

B: and also a tree behind them

A: no I don't have that

B: ok

Player B