Player A

A: guy in suit again , black tie, black hat

B: Yeha I have that

A: with a blue colored umbrella ?

B: yes, it has lines in it as well

A: yes

A: quared lines

B: yup

A: squared lines

B: that is one of my 3

A: the lady in plastic jacket and black umbrella

A: cler plastic

B: I don't have that one this round

A: and the pink from back is my last

B: I don't have that one either

A: what are your other ones

B: I have the woman holding the blue and white umbrella smiling and the man grabbing it

A: yes

A: me too

B: And I have the statute guy with the black umbrella

A: no statue guy this time

A: you are good to submit ?

B: yup

Player B