Player A

B: Um to start I have a smiling woman with brown hair holding a black umbrella, looks like she is wear

B: wearing plastic

A: yes waving her right hand

B: yes

A: me too, one of my 3

B: Next one is of a person with a pink umbrella that covers pretty much all of them. The picture is fr

B: from behind

A: Yes I have that one now with pink all looking away

B: Cool! My last one is of a woman with dark brown or black hair looking down and she has a polka dot

B: umbrella

A: asian young lady with eyes closed and small pokadot

B: yup

A: yes that is my 2nd

B: great

A: my last was the guy with black hat and suit

B: I do not have that

A: ok i am good then with these

B: cool I submitted

Player B