Player A

B: I have the picture of a small child/toddler laying down in a park

A: I do Not have small child/toddler laying down in a park

B: cool

B: I have a picture of a black haired woman with a all-blue umbrella standing on a beach

A: I have younger woman with brown hair waving with umbrella

B: does the umbrella have red in it or is it all-blue?

A: In my extra oictures

A: all-blue

B: Ah ok yeah I don't have a woman waving with an all-blue umbrella

B: Do you have any pink umbrellas? Looks kind of like one of those Japanese umbrellas

A: she is not waving. she is at beach head looking down

A: No pink umbrellas

B: Ok cool, going back to the blue umbrella from a picture ago, I do have a woman with black/brown

B: hair with an allblue umbrella on a beach

A: its in my extra pictures though

B: ok cool, do you have any photos with a lot of orange/green in it?

A: 2nd picture is a woman with blue and white umbrella pointing at a man with black sweater

B: I do not have that

A: I have a one with blue and orange but can not select anything. it is extra picture for green and or

A: Sorry I meant green* and orange*

B: Ok I think mine is green and orange so I think it is different

B: Oh ok cool

B: So I bet it is the same

A: yes with a person with maybe a mask and sunglasesmask on the green and orange

B: yeah thats the one!

A: do you have my first one a woman waving her hand with black umbrella and clear rain jacket

B: No I do not

A: Cool. My last one is younger man with black hate, black suit and black tie with white dress s**t

B: No I don't have that one either

A: ok that is all I think ?

B: all set here!

A: all good here on my side

Player B