Player A

B: Okay. First one for me is the 3 bowls - one with rice, one with soup, one with 3 compartments

A: 3 hotdogs and fries

B: Don't have that one, noi.

B: -i.

A: no

B: How about a container which has a pet, a moon, some gra*s and a tree?

A: do you have some green stuff on a white plate

B: I do not, no.

A: no

B: How about 3 bowls - one with vegetables, one with something i can't see but white, and a grapefruit

A: no

B: (but i don't think it's a grapefruit, maybe a blood orange? don't know)

B: Okay. So this seems to be 3 different for me.

A: ok

Player B