Player A

B: Do you have 2 pink "bowls" with rice in 1 and vegetables in the other?

A: do you have 3 hot dogs and fries

B: We had that on the other page. I don't have it here.

A: yes

B: so you do have the pink bowls, great. that's common.

B: How about a white square plate with tons of green vegetables on it? covered in white something?

A: do you have that green stuff on that white plate

B: HA! We think alike. :)

A: yes

B: How about 3 bowls - one with rice, one with some soup, and the other with 3 compartments of stuff.

A: i do but not in yellow

B: Okay. So it's different then.

B: So we have 2 common, 1 different.

A: ok

Player B