Player A

B: Hi there. Do you have a picture with fries and three hot dogs in it?

A: yes

B: Great. So that is common for both of us. :)

B: How about what seems to be a very bland salad on a table?

A: is it green on a white plate

B: (remember, these have to be the ones that you have marked in eyllow only)

B: It's a bowl, but yes!

A: mine is not a bowl

B: weird. it looks like a bowl to me, but i could be mistaken.

B: is there a gla*s of wine also on the table?

B: and you can see books in the background?

A: no

A: no

B: okay then it's not the same photo then.

B: how about what looks like beets in a bowl, with some challah behind it, also on a dinner table?

A: do you have rice and soup in a black bowl

B: I do not, no.

A: and no for you

B: Okay. So I have 1 common, 2 different.

A: me too

Player B