Player A

B: my first is the orange shirt child flat on the floor with the red and yellow bear on top

A: Okay. My first yellow is the kid on the floor with the bear on top of him.

A: Yes - common.

B: yay

A: Next yellow is girl with mom with red top

B: i don't have her

B: i have the baby in bed with 2 bears and dr pepper bottle

A: Last yellow is sleeping baby with two bears and Dr Pepper bottle

B: same

A: Ok - what's your last yellow?

B: i have the child in ccar seat with pacifier

A: I don't have that one.

B: thanks

B: all green

A: woohoo

B: thanks for your help

A: Same to you! Think we just squeaked by

B: eek is there a minimum?

Player B