Player A

B: oh road kill man

A: No road kill man here. Sorry you keep seeing him :)

A: Woman with red striped shirt again.

A: Car seat and pacifier again.

B: i have the red stripped woman , but she's not the highlighted one

A: And kid in an orange shirt, flat on the floor, with a huge stuffed animal on top of him.

B: car seat and pacifier and teddy in lap yes,

B: I have the red topped woman, child and baby with orange ribboned teddy again

A: I don't have that one. So one common (car seat) and two different

B: yes

A: Oh. Hm. Red striped top was supposed to be common. Guess we mark common images even if not yellow.

B: ah i didn't know that. do they tell if it's wrong then?

A: Yeah, it marked it in red fo rme when I submitted

Player B