Player A

B: I have the same road kill tshirt guy

A: Six pics again. No road kill this time.

A: I have the same girl w/bear w/orange ribbon, mom and baby

B: I have a womand and child and teddy with an orange ribbon. Woman's dress is red

B: i think same?

A: Yes. Baby at the very bottom in a striped blanket

B: haha i didn't see it

B: i have a baby in bed with a teddy either side

A: Yes. Dr. Pepper bottle?

B: i think so, big white pillow, v pale pink blanket

A: Yes.

A: Third one is a baby in a car seat with a pacifier and a big stuffed animal in his/her lap

B: 2 common, 1 different again

A: Think that's our different one.

B: i don]'thave that one

A: Ok, submitted

Player B