Player A

B: I have a photo of a child inside a suitcase.

A: I have two pictures like that. Is he peeking out and smiling?

B: Yes. With someone holding the suitcase.

B: It is the only one like that I have.

A: OK, I've got that one too.

A: OK, I had one of a little girl sitting up in an open suitcase as well, so that would be different.

A: I also have a man in a red vest looking through an open lunch box or cooler

B: Yes that is different.

B: I have a man in a red vest but he's looking through a suitcase.

A: Is there some kind of green papery stuff coming out of the suitcase?

B: Yes, that's the same then.

A: OK, got it

B: My last highlighted picture is a little girl brushing her hair.

A: Nope, I don't have that one

B: That is all I have highlighted.

A: Mine are complete too, all finished with this set!

Player B