Player A

B: go ahead with your pictures if you want

A: Hi there, do you have a photo with a laptop open center of table, m**fin and coffee at the side

A: There's also a cell phone on the other side of the laptop

B: yes to the first

A: Sorry, that was all one photo.

A: My next one is a table with two laptops and two plates of dinner food.

B: ah, no problem. It looks like I have it

B: don't think so

B: I have two plates of food and ONE laptop

A: Does that one have a tall gla*s with an orange beverage and straw in it?

B: yeah

A: Okay, that's my last one then.

A: The other one is different.

A: Do you have one other?

B: guy with beard and ponytail working on a small green laptop

A: No, I don't have that one.

B: that's it

A: yup, all set.

Player B