Player A

A: ok now i have the man in front of the grill outside

B: no, not this time

B: I have woman in blue, black hat, getting something from fridge or over in white towel

B: over=oven

A: i don't have it

A: but i do have the woman with the pizza stone

B: not this time

B: I have grey hired guy white shirt getting something from over again

B: hired = haired doh!

A: i don't have that

A: i have the man scooping something with his right hand

B: not this time

A: alright i'm set, anything else?

B: my last... guy in white top with black apron doing something in oven with right hand

A: yeah i have that

B: done

A: cool, it was fun

B: thanks - you rocked!

A: you too, think I"m supposed to ask about any other questions

B: nope

A: ok cool

A: still not giving me the prompt to advance

B: I hit it but nothing for page advance yet

A: anything else? (just saying this for them)

B: I already hit the b**ton to advance... I'm done

Player B