Player A

B: Hey

A: hey there, first thing i have is a woman with a pizza stone

B: No. Guy white shirt, putting something in an oven

A: yeah, gray hair?

B: yes

A: ok i have it

B: you go

A: woman in a green shirt putting something in the oven

B: No

B: I have guy in green shirt, red/white/blue head band,

B: he's putting something in oven

A: i don't have that

A: i do have a person scooping something into a bowl

B: Sorry I do have woman in green

A: oh oi

A: ok

B: my last

B: guy in white polo mixing up stuff in pans on stove

A: ok you don't have the man scooping something right?

A: and no, i don't have yours

B: yeah he is scooping something from a pan in left hand to white dish

A: oh ok, yeah, and he is wearing a watch on his right wrist?

B: yes, I have that

A: ok good

B: done

A: me too, but it wants me to ask if you have other questions

B: nope lets move on

Player B