Player A

B: Hooray!!!

B: Oh wait

B: Okay maybe some of them are the same but I have new ones too

B: Someone likes bananas apparently.

B: I have that banana picture with the wires again.

A: me too

A: i have that same laptop with the cat figurine on the coffee mug

B: Okay. I have a picture with a banana and a strawberry on a laptop. Do you?

B: I have that one with the cat too

A: I have that but it's not highlighted

B: I just saw that. Neither is mind. I just got excited.

B: Sorry!

A: oh

B: My last one is a vase full of red roses next to a laptop

A: nope

A: two plates with food and some sort of sauce bowl in the middle

B: No I don't have that one this time.

A: questions?

B: No, you?

A: nope

B: Ready to go to next page?

Player B