Player A

A: I have a man with a beard working on a laptop with neon green frame

B: Is he wearing a brown shirt and also has a ponytail?

A: yes

B: Excellent, so do I

A: I have a black laptop with a coffee mug that has some sort of cat figurine on top

B: i have a picture of bananas with computer wires on and next to them.

B: Oh, sorry about that. I have that same photo

A: i do not

B: I have two plates with partially eaten food on them

A: ok i do not have the banana picture

A: I do have the cat figurine one

A: I do not have the eaten food pictures

B: Okay. Any questions?

A: I have a laptop with a beer mug and chocolate cupcake on the left and a soda can and cell phone

A: on the right

B: I do not have that photo.

A: ok thanks

B: You're quite welcome

B: Are you ready for the next page?

A: yes

B: me too

A: how do we go to the next page

B: I filled out the bubbles for common/different and there was a 'next page' b**ton just underneath

A: i did too but i'm still on the same page?

B: So am I. It hasn't moved in a few minutes now.

A: let's wait a minute and then refresh the page?

B: Okay that sounds like a good plan.

B: Time to refresh I think.

A: ok let's do it!

A: ok so it's the same images again

B: Me too. I marked them and clicked Next Page again

Player B