Player A

B: old lady at pizza oven?

A: Nope

A: I have the no head guy in the outside grill

B: I have him too!

A: Awesome!

B: guy with striped shirt and baseball hat?

B: he's at oven/stoves at restaurant kitchen?

A: Yes

B: any more for me?

A: A lady in a green shirt putting something in the oven?

B: I do not have her

A: Okay, done

B: yay!

A: Did you submit?

B: I did and still waiting for it to clear!

A: We should refresh the page, that works

B: are you sure?

A: Yes

B: yikes! It cleared my responses

B: u had old lady at pizza oven?

A: Nope

B: and headless guy at grill?

A: Yes

B: what about striped T shirt guy at stoves?

A: I do too

B: OK! submit?

A: Yes :)

Player B