Player A

B: Do you have a guy in front of a stove scooping food into a white pan?

B: he is holding a skillet or saucepan?

A: In a white shirt?

B: yes

A: I do

B: Do you have an older man facing an oven putting in a whole chicken?

B: he is wearing a white T shirt?

A: Yes

A: Yes

B: What about a woman bending down to put something into an oven?

B: she is wearing a green T shirt and back to us?

A: Yes

A: What about the old lady at the pizza oven?

B: I do not have an old lady at a pizza oven

B: what is she wearing?

A: A white shirt with sleeves

B: and her hair?

A: Kinda blonde

B: No. I do not have that one

A: Okay, done

B: is that the one of the man with the chicken?

A: I do have that one

B: ok. Done!

Player B