Player A

B: Hi there!

A: Hey :)

B: Do you have a woman in a commercial kitchen?

A: Nope

B: she is wearing a blue shirt and black apron and hat?

A: I do not

B: do you have a man wearing a white T shirt looking at the oven?

B: well, taking a chicken out

A: I think not

B: what about a man at a pizza oven it looks like?

B: his back is towards us and he is reaching into the oven?

A: I think not

B: think?

B: are you certain?

A: The one i have that looks like a pizza oven is an old lady

A: Dont you have that?

B: I do not have that one

B: do you need any more from me?

A: What about a black guy serving food on a white plate?

A: He is on a white shirt too

B: I do not have that one

A: What about a guy in front of a grill?

A: You can not see his head

B: I do not have that one

A: ALright, all done

B: yay!

Player B