Player A

B: boy in front of a cake with 2 candles?

A: i have a kid in red and white striped shirt reaching towards a half eaten cake

A: yes and the arm back is wavy

B: Yes I see that

B: oh wait! I don't see red and white stripes

A: 4 men holding their hands together like a superhero team in front of a ma*sive cake

A: ok!

B: Two of those men are wearing hats?

A: they are not, none of them are wearing hats

A: they are all dressed in nava/marine suits with the striped wrists

B: Is that cake yellow and white?

A: it is not yellow, white and blue

B: No

A: i am finished, will wait for you :)

B: 4 men, 2 in white in the middle in front of white and blue cake?

A: i dont have that

B: Next

Player B