Player A

A: yep

A: do you have the blue cla*sic car?

B: I do not have it

A: Ok

B: do you have the girl with the umrella?

A: nope

A: do you have the white scheppe truck?

B: ok

B: no I don't

A: ok

B: I have two white fed ex trucks on the right of the street parked

A: I don't have that one

B: alright

A: Do you have the red van with red vehicle in background (dim picture)?

B: No I don't have it

B: my last one is two men unloading maybe a moving van or Uhaul truck

A: Ok. I am done.

A: Yes I have that

A: Does one have on a red vest?

B: okay red vest and green shirt?

B: s!

A: yep

B: yes

A: great chatting with you!

B: you too! have good day

A: you too

Player B