Player A

B: dang I've been doing these HITS for awhile and I didn't realize we were selecting from all our pics

B: lol i've been doing it wrong all along

B: okay so do you have the garbage truck?

A: LOL hahahaha it's okay. I think it took until like my 3rd HIT to figure it out

B: LOL thanks for the insight

A: Yes, the one with the parking sign next to it?

B: yes

A: Ok I have it

A: Do you have the blue cla*sic car this time?

B: yes at the car show?

A: yes

B: yes

B: my last one is the red van with red truck in background in a field

A: I don't have that one this time

B: ok

A: Do you have the luggage truck?

B: LOL no

A: Ok lol

B: ok ready?

Player B