Player A

A: no. but some times the pictures that we have to select common or not are not the same pics on the

A: other person's side. If that makes sense

A: Do you have the girl with the umbrella?

B: okay

B: no i do not have her

A: Ok

B: do you have the garbage truck with the blue car?

A: nope not this time

A: do you have the white scheppe truck again?

B: no i don't have it

B: do you have the blue cla*sic truck at the car show?

A: no I don't have that one

A: do you have the red van with the other red vehicle in the background?

B: i think so, it's kinda a dim picture and they are in a field maybe?

A: yes that's it

B: okay i do have it

A: I'm done. Do you have more?

A: Ok

B: i'm done too

Player B