Player A

B: h**lo would you like to go first

A: h**lo. yes that's fine

A: do you have a truck with roughly 8 wheels on each side, in front of a blue car?

B: the truck is in front of the car?

A: yes

A: the front of the truck is facing the camera

B: i don't think so. I have something similar

A: Ok

B: is it a mack truck with a y ellow piece of paper in the windshield?

B: on the dashboard

A: yes

B: seems to be a garbage truck?

A: It looks like a very large garbage truck, if it is one

A: there's a parking sign to the right of it

B: and the blue car is navy and towards the front of the picture

B: yes

A: yes

B: okay it's the same one

B: do you have an old navy truck at a car show with the hood removed so people can see the engine

B: like a cla*sic car

A: nope

B: ok

A: do you have a blue turck with what appears to be luggage strapped all over it?

A: ruck*

A: truck*

B: LOL yes I have that, it is weird

A: Very lol

B: ok mine are done, what's your last one

A: my last one is a white truck on the right side of the road, in traffic

B: ok I do not have that

B: ready to move on?

A: ok. we are done

Player B