Segment-based reference chain

Round 1 (go to game round)

B: do you have man in black short sleeve shirt in front outdoor grill

A: I have a guy with a stripped shirt stirring a giant pot.

A: No man in black

B: Do not have the stripped shirt guy

A: Yes, with a hat.

Round 2 (go to game round)

B: how about the guy with black shirt in front of outdoor grill

A: No, just a lady with the pizza oven.

B: does she have a white long sleeve shirt

Round 3 (go to game round)

A: Ok I see the guy at the grill this time.

Round 3 (go to game round)

A: And I have the lady with the green shirt putting something in the oven.

B: so 2 out of 3

Round 5 (go to game round)

B: I have lady blue shirt black hat in front of convection oven

A: I know you have the man in the black shirt by the grill.

B: not this time

A: I don't have her.