Segment-based reference chain

Round 1 (go to game round)

B: Do you have a kinda sorta large guy with a moustache and beard holding a dark surfboard over head?

A: sort of shadowed ??

B: Yeah

A: ok black wet suit and white board with orange

A: orange details on board

B: I don't see anything like that. Is the guy putting his hand in the water?

A: male in wet suit

A: no

A: ok all done then

B: So is the guy holding the board over his head there for you?

A: loading maybe be frozen

B: ....

B: Okay, guess I'm taking a wild guess then

Round 4 (go to game round)

A: shadowed guy with overhead board ?

B: Nope

Round 5 (go to game round)

B: Do you have the overhead board guy?

Round 5 (go to game round)

A: yes

A: 3 kids in surf ?

B: Nope