Segment-based reference chain

Round 1 (go to game round)

A: hi

B: hi

A: so, i have two women with a casserole on the kitchen table

B: no, different

Round 1 (go to game round)

A: okay, man with his hand in a oven

B: man is on right side of picture? white t-shirt?

A: facing away from camera?

A: apron on

B: ok. man with hand in oven, facing away. Yes, common

Round 2 (go to game round)

A: okay, what else do you have?

B: I am a little color blind and the pictures are small. grey or blonde.

B: i see the picture, but different

A: ok

B: man with dark hair, white shirt, dark apron, hand in oven, restaurant kitchen

A: different

Round 3 (go to game round)

B: done

B: any more?

A: no