Segment-based reference chain

Round 1 (go to game round)

B: Do you have a pic with a girl in a yellow bikini and surfboard?

A: no. Do you have a picture of boy carrying bright pink/red surfboard?

B: Nope but I have a boy sitting with a green surfboard. You?

A: no. Do you have three kids playing in water, two girls and one boy in blue?

Round 2 (go to game round)

A: great. no bikini girl. Do you have man bare chested carrying brown board over his head?

B: I sure do and then I'm done.

Round 4 (go to game round)

A: No i dont have that. I have yellow bikini girl standing holding white board?

B: No bikini here. How about one in the water on the surfboard with a surfer?

Round 5 (go to game round)

A: yellow bikini girl?

B: Yellow bikini?

A: yes!

B: Ha ha! Yes!