Segment-based reference chain

Round 2 (go to game round)

A: Okay! You?

B: bananas next to a laptop? that's my last one

A: Nope.

B: okay gotcha. i'm done

Round 3 (go to game round)

B: you can go first

A: Okay! Bananas with the laptop. :)

B: yes

Round 4 (go to game round)

A: Okay - you?

B: several bananas next to a laptop?

A: Nope.

Round 5 (go to game round)

B: last page lol

A: Woohoo!

B: haha

A: The several bananas one.

B: mug and muffin next to laptop?

A: Yes!

B: no to yours

A: And I have the vase of flowers.

B: not that one either

A: Next to the white laptop.

A: Okay! You?

B: old guy in front of green laptop?

A: Nope.

A: Anything else?

B: okay and you?

B: I have a little toy on top of an orange coffee cup

B: laptop in the back

A: Nope.

A: I don't have that one.

B: gotcha.i'm done!

A: Sorry. I had to refresh. Do you have the mug and muffin one?

A: And the several bananas?

B: oh no problem. I do have the mug/muffin one. no bananas though

A: Thanks!

B: no problem :)

A: All done. :)

B: me too. thanks again! :)

A: Yeah! This was fun. Thank you. :)

B: same! take care!

A: You too. :)

B: :D thanks

B: if it'll load lol

A: Right? LOL!

B: hahaha

B: oh man

A: It's like that awkward moment when you've said goodbye and walk in the same direction lol

B: not again

B: so true

B: lmao

A: Whyyt isn't it working? lol

B: I dunno this is annoying though lol

A: It is. I wonder what's wrong.

B: I dunno. it's happening too much though. I think I'm gonna email the requester later about it

B: wanna give it a few more minutes?

A: Emailing is a good idea. And yeah, I don't mind waiting it out.

A: If it times out, we still get credit for it, right? LOL

B: okay sounds good :)

B: ooh I hope so lol

B: I want my 1.75 lol

A: Haha. Me too.

A: LOL right? And we get a bonus for it taking longer than 10 minutes too. LOL

B: haha I know I just got two emails about it

A: LOL yep!

B: I hope they don't get mad for us chatting but there is nothing else to do lol

A: Hahaha seriously. :)

B: and we finished earlier this time! what a bummer

B: we were at like 16 minutes

A: Dang. Haha. Now they might never know!

B: lol I know this sucks. and at the last page lolol

A: Should we try refreshing?

B: I was just gonna ask that lol we might as well

A: If we do, make a note of your answers first.

A: Okay!

B: okay. if it doesn't work it was nice playing with you lol

A: LOL yes! You too!

B: thanks!